Tool Category: Model Letters

Suspend Privileges Until Member Pays Assessments

Members’ assessments pay for or make possible a number of privileges such as voting and access to amenities. Therefore, there’s no reason a delinquent member should get a say in association business and enjoy privileges that other members have paid for. If a member is in arrears and the board is considering suspending his privileges,…

Keep Community Residents in Loop After Homeless Incident

After finding a homeless individual in the community you manage, it’s helpful to send a letter to residents assuring them that the association is aware of the problem, has taken care of it, and will continue to monitor the situation. The letter is also a good opportunity to advise residents about how their actions can…

Notify Employee of Termination Justifications

Eventually, you’ll have to deal with an employee who doesn’t perform well and must be let go. All management companies go through this process at some time, regardless of the due diligence they’ve performed to get competent, hardworking employees or how much they’ve vetted candidates for positions within the company.

Tell Members How to Conserve Energy

Here’s a Model Letter you can give members to help make their units more energy efficient, which will in turn minimize heat complaints that you have to deal with.

Instruct Members About Mold Prevention Tactics

You can send a letter like ours periodically to remind members that they can prevent mold problems using simple maintenance tasks. Mark your calendar so that you remember to send it once, or even twice, a year. If your community is in a part of the country that experiences a rainy season, or a wet…

Warn Members, Guests Who Use Condo Roofs

Here’s a get-tough letter that you can adapt and send to a member who continues to use the roof of the condo building despite your prior warning not to do so. The letter reminds the member of your conversation with him in which you warned him not to use the roof; notes that you’ve learned…

Keep Members Informed About Criminal Activity

Ask your association’s attorney to help you adapt the following example of a letter that you can use to notify association members that a crime has occurred at the community. Try to include specific information, such as the type of crime and where it happened, tips for members to take precautions to protect themselves, and…

Directly Address Abusive Member

Unfortunately, sometimes nothing short of a warning letter might stop a member who is harassing another member. Here’s an example of a letter that may be sent to a member causing problems in the community. Note that the letter mentions the specific incidents complained of and warns the member that you can penalize him for…

Verify Member’s Need for Assistance Animal


Emphasize Survey’s Value to Community

Adapt the following letter to send to the members of your community you wish to survey. The letter conveys the importance of the member’s participation and explains how the members will be able to access the survey’s findings.