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Take Action Two Ways When Member Shirks Maintenance Obligations

Failing to maintain properties according to community standards can be a simple case of negligence or something more serious. So it’s wise to start notifying the member with a polite letter reminding the member of his maintenance obligations and giving him a deadline by which to remedy the situation. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have…

Disclose Presence of Sex Offender in Your Community

You can adapt and use this letter at your community to warn members of the presence of a sex offender there. Note that it provides two optional sentences that you can use to tailor it specifically for your community. The first sentence gives you language to include if the association wants to warn members that…

Assessment Must Be Paid, Regardless of Grievance

It’s important to take immediate action as soon as it becomes clear that a member is attempting to resolve a grievance by withholding assessments. Work with your attorney to adapt the following letter for your use, and to ensure it complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Keep Staff in Loop When Member Is in Danger

Ask your association’s attorney to help you adapt this letter to give to on-site employees in your community when a member shows you a valid restraining order against an individual.

Warn Member About Posting Damaging Comments Online

When you discover that a member has posted comments of a negative nature about your community or board members online, ask the association’s attorney to draft a warning letter that can be sent from the board president to that member. Here is an example of a warning letter that you can adapt.

Remind Members to Follow Community Noise Policy

Use the following letter to remind members that they’re obligated to follow the community’s noise policy, and why doing so is important. Show this letter to your attorney before adapting it for use in your community.

Announce Upcoming Member Survey

Before conducting a survey, you should announce it and explain the purpose of the survey to members. Adapt the following letter to send to the members of your community you wish to survey. The letter conveys the importance of the member’s participation.

Inform Members About Improvements on Association-Owned Areas

Because of some misunderstandings that have recently occurred, we would like to remind all members that it is a violation of Shady Acres Community Association’s governing documents to build improvements on common areas or limited common areas without the association’s prior written approval. We are taking this opportunity to urge all of you to please…

Inform Members of Volunteer Opportunities in Community


Give Members Tips for Making Their Units More Energy Efficient

Making your unit more energy efficient year-round can help reduce your utility expenses and help the environment, but it’s especially important during the winter months when there is an opportunity to save on heating costs. Here are some measures you can take to improve energy efficiency in your unit: