Tool Category: Model Letters

Use Warning Letter if Employee Ignores Oral Warning

If an employee ignores your first oral disciplinary warning, adapt and use the following letter for a written warning. This letter includes a section for the employee to sign your copy of the letter to acknowledge having received it.

Head Off Members’ Renovation Complaints

You can adapt and use this model letter to announce a planned renovation project to your community’s members. The letter tells members about an upcoming renovation project, explains how the project will benefit them, notes when the work will take place and what inconveniences they can expect, and includes a telephone number and an email…

Tell Members a Special Assessment Is Necessary

Because every situation is different, there’s no boilerplate letter that all association managers can use to inform members of the need for a special assessment. Still, there are common threads in what an effective letter should cover.

Assessment Must Be Paid, Regardless of Grievance

It’s important to take immediate action as soon as it becomes clear that a member is attempting to resolve a grievance by withholding assessments. Work with your attorney to adapt the following letter for your use, and to ensure it complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Notify Members of Serious Crime at Community

You can use this model letter to notify association members that a crime has occurred at the community. The letter briefly describes the crime and where it happened, encourages members to take precautions to protect themselves, and tells members that if they notice any suspicious activity, they should report it to the local police. Show…

Tell Members How to Use New Online Voting Process

Here’s an example of a letter you can send to your members to announce the new and convenient option they have for voting on community association matters. Before you adapt this letter to meet the needs of your community, consult your attorney.

Keep Community Residents in Loop After Homeless Incident

After finding a homeless individual in the community you manage, it’s helpful to send a letter to residents assuring them that the association is aware of the problem, has taken care of it, and will continue to monitor the situation. The letter is also a good opportunity to advise residents about how their actions can…

Recruit Members for Community Volunteer Service

Here is a letter you can adapt and send to all members, informing them of volunteer opportunities in your community. It explains the scope of a volunteer’s duties and how volunteering can help maintain community property values and keep association fees low.

Two-Envelope System for Mail-In Ballots

Use this template when an election requires secret ballots.

Instruct Members About Mold Prevention Tactics

You can send a letter like ours periodically to remind members that they can prevent mold problems using simple maintenance tasks. Mark your calendar so that you remember to send it once, or even twice, a year. If your community is in a part of the country that experiences a rainy season, or a wet…