Tool Category: Model Letters

Warn Members of Sex Offender Resident

You can adapt and use this letter at your community to warn members of the presence of a sex offender there. Note that it provides two optional sentences that you can use to tailor it specifically for your community.

Remind Members of Hazardous Winter Conditions

If you clean up ice and snow on your property, here’s a letter you can adapt to send to members advising them of winter weather hazards. Check with your attorney about using a similar letter at your community.

Give Members Do’s and Dont’s for Christmas Tree Safety

The tips in this letter were compiled with the help of Nancy Campbell, Fire Education Coordinator of the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office. Distribute this letter several weeks before Christmas. It provides tips to help your members choose, care for, and dispose of their trees safely.

Notify Member of Intent to Suspend Privileges

Here’s a Model Letter, drafted with the help of New Jersey attorney David Byrne, that you can adapt and use at your community when a member has a delinquent account. The letter notifies the member of the association’s intent to suspend the member’s privileges unless full payment of past due assessments is made by the…