Tool Category: Model Letters

Recruit Members for Community Volunteer Service

Here is a letter you can adapt and send to all members, informing them of volunteer opportunities in your community. It explains the scope of a volunteer’s duties and how volunteering can help maintain community property values and keep association fees low.

Notify Member of Intent to Suspend Privileges

Here’s a Model Letter, drafted with the help of New Jersey attorney David Byrne, that you can adapt and use at your community when a member has a delinquent account. The letter notifies the member of the association’s intent to suspend the member’s privileges unless full payment of past due assessments is made by the…

Give Employee Written Statement of Reasons for Termination

Here is a Model Letter that you can adapt and use if an employee’s misconduct persists after he has received an oral warning. Keep the letter simple, and describe the grounds for termination in a general way.

Use Warning Letter if Employee Ignores Oral Warning

If an employee ignores your first oral disciplinary warning, adapt and use the following letter for a written warning. This letter includes a section for the employee to sign your copy of the letter to acknowledge having received it.