Tool Category: Model Policies

Set Policy for Creating, Funding, and Managing Reserve Account

To make sure your association has enough funds to deal with its long-range maintenance needs, set a policy governing a reserve account. Show the following model policy to your attorney before taking steps to adopt it as a bylaw to your governing documents.

Streamline Association’s System for Records Storage, Retention, and Destruction

Ask your attorney about improving your association’s records-management policy by adapting the following five points for your specific needs.

Put Safeguards Against Defamation in Employee Reference Policy

The following policy requires former employees to sign a release authorizing the disclosure of information on employment dates, job titles, and salary. Some managers get a release only when their references go beyond that limited information. Review the policy with your attorney and decide which approach works best for you.

Member Comment During Board Meetings

Member Comment Period. Following the recital of specific topics of business to be discussed, each regular meeting of the Board will include a member comment period ("Comment Period") during which any member in good standing who wishes to speak will have the opportunity to do so, time permitting.

Use Tough Acceleration Policy to Keep Members Current

An acceleration policy can be very effective for cutting assessment delinquencies, but it should be drafted carefully. Keep in mind that your governing documents and state law will influence what you can and can’t put in your policy. Ask your attorney about adapting this policy for use at your community.

Require Information Sharing Between Old and New Board Members

Board members are only as good as the information they’re given, so it’s important to set a policy that facilitates information sharing between old and new members. Your policy should require the first official meeting of the new board to be a “transition” meeting between the old and new board members. It should require outgoing…

Establish Member Drone Use Policy to Ensure Safety

Drones can be used by associations in a variety of ways: to inspect buildings for damage, assess architectural review committee (ARC) compliance (to determine whether a member did what she said she would with regard to variances), and discover covenant violations. But they’re also a source of entertainment when used recreationally. A policy that sets…

Draft Fair Housing Code of Conduct for Maintenance Staff

Ask your association’s attorney about how you can adapt this fair housing code of conduct for use at your community. It instructs your maintenance staff on how to act around members in a way that won’t prompt a fair housing lawsuit.

Ask Board Candidates to Sign Code of Conduct

The following Model Pledge, which spells out a code of conduct, asks candidates for the association board of directors to abide by the association’s code of campaign conduct. And it recites the components of the association’s code of campaign conduct. Show this to your attorney before adapting it for use at your community.

Inform Staff How to Avoid Discovery Hazards

Emails are the bulk of electronically stored information in a management office. Ask your association’s attorney about adapting these email retention rules to help your staff understand the legal guidelines associated with email use. Have your employees sign and acknowledge that they understand the policy and encourage them to come to you with any questions…