Tool Category: Model Policies

Require Maintenance Staff to Follow Fair Housing Rules

You can adapt this Fair Housing Code of Conduct for use at your community. It instructs your maintenance staff on how to act around members. Show this code of conduct to your attorney before implementing it.

Set Policy for Creating, Funding, and Managing Reserve Account

To make sure your association has enough funds to deal with its long-range maintenance needs, set a policy governing a reserve account. Show the following model policy to your attorney before taking steps to adopt it as a bylaw to your governing documents.

Set Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

You can give this sexual harassment complaint procedure, based on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines, to your employees. The procedure encourages employees who are victims of harassment to complain, asks employees who observe harassment to report it, gives harassed employees a choice of accessible individuals to whom they can complain, says that any…

Streamline Association’s System for Records Storage, Retention, and Destruction

Ask your attorney about improving your association’s records-management policy by adapting the following five points for your specific needs.

Inform Members About Late Payment Consequences

This collection policy will help members understand the consequences of late payments and show them that you intend to apply your collection policy uniformly, fairly, and consistently. Show the policy to your association’s attorney before adopting it. (State law and your governing documents may require changes and deletions.)

Protect Condo Community and Members with Smoke/CO Detector Policy

This Model Policy requires members to ensure that their required detectors are operable at all times. Also, it contains optional language that you can use if your governing documents allow you to fine members who don’t comply with community policies.

Allow Limited Sign Posting

Here’s a Model Policy that restricts sign posting to two types of signs and sets out rules for posting material on the community’s bulletin board. Show this policy to your attorney before adapting it for use in your community.

Inform Staff How to Avoid Discovery Hazards

Emails are the bulk of electronically stored information in a management office. Ask your association’s attorney about adapting these email retention rules to help your staff understand the legal guidelines associated with email use. Have your employees sign and acknowledge that they understand the policy and encourage them to come to you with any questions…

Put Safeguards Against Defamation in Employee Reference Policy

The following policy requires former employees to sign a release authorizing the disclosure of information on employment dates, job titles, and salary. Some managers get a release only when their references go beyond that limited information. Review the policy with your attorney and decide which approach works best for you.

Member Comment During Board Meetings

Member Comment Period. Following the recital of specific topics of business to be discussed, each regular meeting of the Board will include a member comment period ("Comment Period") during which any member in good standing who wishes to speak will have the opportunity to do so, time permitting.