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Include Five Details to Make Your View Protection Bylaw Enforceable

Here’s a model view protection bylaw that we drafted with the help of Colorado attorney Loura Sanchez. Show this bylaw to your attorney before adapting it for use in your community.

Encourage Employees to Complain About Harassment

Here’s an example of a sexual harassment complaint procedure, developed with the help of employment attorney Charles F. Seemann III and based on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines, which you can give to your employees. In keeping with suggestions in the guidelines, the procedure encourages employees who are victims of harassment to complain,…

Tell Members What to Expect When Using Sports Courts

Setting the following rules for the use of your community’s sports courts is a risk management strategy that will protect the association from liability for accidents and injuries that take place there. The rules not only prevent injuries, but also disputes between members.

Use Pre-Employment Statement to Certify Accuracy of Application

Before starting your pre-employment screening process, get the job applicant to sign this pre-employment statement that should be a part of, or attached to, your employment application forms. This statement was written with the help of pre-employment background specialist Steven E. Gall and New York labor attorney Peter D. Stergios.

Get Signature Before Providing Membership List

You should have any member who is requesting a membership list sign the following agreement before giving the member access to that information. Ask your association’s attorney about adapting it for use at your community.

Set Garden Rules for Residents

Here are rules you can add to the garden-specific rules residents helped draft to create a complete set of garden rules to use for your community. Once all the rules are drafted, give them to the association’s board of directors to have them formally added to the association’s governing documents.

Prevent Bulletin Board Controversy

Set rules that members must follow to be able to hang postings on your community bulletin board. Ask your attorney about adapting the following rules for use at your community.

Use License Agreement for Common Area Storage Space Rental

You can avoid common space storage area hassles by using a license agreement like this one. Ask your attorney about adapting it for your own use.

Limit Personal Contact with Board Members

Here’s a Model Rule, provided by Florida community association attorney Ellen Hirsch de Haan, that you can adapt and use to set out your association’s official mailing address and specify how owners may communicate their questions, concerns, or comments. A rule like this can help reduce member-on-board-member harassment because it limits personal contact with board…

Don’t Comment About Incident Without Authorization

The following memo tells employees what not to say to the victim of a crime or accident in your community. Distribute the memo to your employees, and periodically remind them about it when you review community procedures with them. Emphasize the point—which appears several times in the memo—that they should refer a victim with questions…