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Get Signature Before Providing Membership List

You should have any member who is requesting a membership list sign the following agreement before giving the member access to that information. Ask your association’s attorney about adapting it for use at your community.

Get Employees’ Consent to Monitor Internet and Email Use

Having employees sign an agreement giving you the right to monitor their Internet and email use can help you get control over a growing problem for employers: decreased productivity due to non-work-related online activities during the workday. Consult your attorney about adapting this agreement for your community’s use.

Pass Formal Board Resolution When Making Exceptions to Rules

This resolution can be used as a template to temporarily suspend enforcement of a rule, community-wide (here, the exception refers to seasonal door decorations). The resolution includes a “sunset provision” saying that the exception will expire if it’s not renewed by a specified date. For suspensions for items that are season-specific, carefully think about the…

Spell Out Appropriate Employee Response When Faced with Injuries

The following memo emphasizes the point that association employees should refer the victim of an accident, crime, or other incident to you and tells them what not to say to the victim in that event. Distribute the memo to your employees, and periodically remind them about it when you review community procedures with them.

Shield Association from Protected View Lawsuit

Adapt the five key details in this model view protection bylaw for your own. It can help make your terms enforceable when and if there is a dispute. Show this bylaw to your attorney before using it.

Take Proper Steps to Ban Smoking in Community

The following bylaw bans the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes in common areas and, if you choose to extend the ban in your community, within members’ units as well. The bylaw is effective because it makes members responsible for the smoking of their guests, provides for a fine to enforce the policy, and says…

Draft Inclusive Fining Bylaw

Your association most likely has a fining bylaw, but that bylaw is only as good as its enforceability. To ensure that it serves its purpose, ask your attorney about adapting the following bylaw for your governing documents.

Get Employee to Sign Release Before Disclosing Information

It’s much harder for employees to win defamation suits against their previous employers when they consent to the disclosure of information.

Don’t Let Uninsured Member’s Mistake Affect Other Units

Ask your association’s attorney about tailoring this clause so you can amend your governing documents if your community doesn’t have a “no-fault” provision. It requires an owner of a condo unit from which a problem originates to pay for all damages to his unit, other units, and the common elements caused by the incident.

Create Right to Collect Delinquent Assessments Directly from Tenants

Here’s a model bylaw that you can adapt and use to create the right for your association to collect rent directly from a delinquent member’s tenant. Check with your attorney before adapting this bylaw for use at your community.