Tool Category: Model Letters

Tell Members How to Use New Online Voting Process

Here’s an example of a letter you can send to your members to announce the new and convenient option they have for voting on community association matters. Before you adapt this letter to meet the needs of your community, consult your attorney.

Remind Members About Leak and Mold Prevention Tactics

Periodically remind members that they can prevent mold problems using simple maintenance tasks. Send them a letter like this one once a year. If your community is in a part of the country that experiences a rainy season, or a wet season due to melting snow, send the reminder shortly before the season begins.

Notify Owners of Reason for Special Assessment

Here’s a Model Letter that your board of directors can use to notify owners of a special assessment, the reason for it, and the consequences they’ll face if they don’t pay it. To make sure your letter includes any state and local requirements, show this letter to your attorney before adapting it for use at…

Send Letters to Compel Member to Maintain Property

Here are two letters that you can adapt and send to members who fail to maintain their properties according to community standards. First, send the Polite Letter, reminding the member of his maintenance obligations and giving him a deadline by which to remedy the situation.

Warn Members of Sex Offender Resident

You can adapt and use this letter at your community to warn members of the presence of a sex offender there. Note that it provides two optional sentences that you can use to tailor it specifically for your community.

Explain Purpose of Survey to Members

Adapt the following letter to send to the members of your community you wish to survey. The letter conveys the importance of the member’s participation and explains how the members will be able to access the survey’s findings.

Remind Members of Hazardous Winter Conditions

If you clean up ice and snow on your property, here’s a letter you can adapt to send to members advising them of winter weather hazards. Check with your attorney about using a similar letter at your community.

Send Thank You Letter to Referring Employees

Send the following letter to an employee who refers a candidate whom you hire. The letter thanks the employee for referring the candidate and tells the employee how much she will receive and when to expect her bonus.

Alert Employees of Danger to Member

Here’s a letter, prepared with the help of security expert Norman Bates, to give to on-site employees when a member shows you a valid restraining order against a spouse or partner. Talk to your attorney about adapting this letter for your own use.

Give Members Do’s and Dont’s for Christmas Tree Safety

The tips in this letter were compiled with the help of Nancy Campbell, Fire Education Coordinator of the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office. Distribute this letter several weeks before Christmas. It provides tips to help your members choose, care for, and dispose of their trees safely.