Tool Category: Model Forms

Require Members to Certify that Smoke Detectors Are Operable

Here is a Model Certification that members sign and return to your office to certify that all smoke detectors in their units are operable. Show this certification to your attorney before adapting it for use at your community.

Require Information from Member Requesting Records

Require a member to do at least three things in order to make a request for access to your association’s records. You can use this form at your community after showing it to your attorney, who might decide that additional information is wise to collect.

Ask the Right Questions to Gauge Members’ Use of Community Center

Here’s a model survey excerpted and adapted from a comprehensive survey developed for use at management expert Tammy McAdory’s community. It asks specific questions that the board deemed necessary to know how to improve the services and facilities at the community center.

Give Oil Delivery Checklist to Maintenance Staff

The best way to defeat oil-shorting scams is to be vigilant. Your vigilance will act as a deterrent to oil companies tempted to overcharge you for deliveries. Have a designated staff member closely monitor the delivery process with the help of the following checklist.

Annual Meeting Timeline


Keep Record of Common Area Maintenance & Repair

Showing that you took reasonable care to avoid injuries in the community’s common areas can prove to be crucial when liability issues crop up after an injury takes place in one of those areas. Every community’s common areas will vary, though, so use our checklist below as a guide and add particular aspects that you…

Determine Worker Status Ahead of Tax Season

Tax law classifies workers as either “independent contractors” or “employees,” but if you don’t choose the correct classification for third-party workers, such as maintenance people, the association could be on the hook for avoidable liability—namely, fines and penalties. The answers to the following questions—which should be in the form of a “yes” or “no”—should help…

Be Thorough with Air Conditioning System Inspection

Here are checklists that your maintenance staff can use to inspect and record the condition of your community’s air conditioning system before summer temperatures peak or any time of year for hot-weather located associations.

Draft Airtight Architectural Review Form

Your association’s architectural review committee should have a standard, carefully drafted architectural change application that protects it from liability and benefits members who wish to change their properties. You can adapt this form to reflect the important points and requirements of your review process. The architectural review requirements for granting consent should be clearly stated…

Require Owners to Submit Business Use Application

You can have an owner fill out and submit this form when she wishes to use her unit for other than residential use. By requiring owners to submit this application, the board can head off unwanted business uses before they begin. Make sure the association’s attorney reviews the form before putting it into practice.