Tunnel Vision Leads To Contentious Communities – How To Turn Things Around

Community associations that harbor acrimony and hostility are among the most difficult to manage and govern. With the country seemingly at odds more than ever, managers need to step up and do their part to promote healing in divided communities.

“Associations are becoming more polarized,” says Brad van Rooyen, national VP of HOA management for HomeRiver Group-Tampa, the management company for about 160 associations in Florida. “Some are very fractured.”

Van Rooyen says newer or recently expanded communities tend to be more divided. “You’ve got an influx of new owners from different parts of town, the country, the world. It’s a much deeper melting pot than in a more established community.”

Kelly Richardson, a partner in the law firm Richardson Ober De Nichilo in Pasadena, Calif., blames owners’ tunnel vision for much of the tension: “People are far less tolerant of disagreement than ever before. They’re far less willing to consider other points of views.

“There’s a lot of indication that social media is at play. These algorithms are programmed to bring us posts and viewpoints that are consistent with what we like so we’re less exposed to viewpoints different than our own.”

Learn more about how to overcome these barriers to harmony, including tips for managing social media successfully:

Building Bridges: How to Help Divided Communities Get Along Better

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