Save a Tree and Simplify Your System – Consider Ditching Paper

Want to reduce your administrative headaches while boosting your client satisfaction and, in turn, retention? Going paperless might be for you.

From maintaining minutes and managing violations to collecting dues and processing invoice payments, community association managers increasingly are finding their mundane but mandatory tasks are made easier once they shift to a digital way of doing things. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, your clients may be more open to the idea than ever. And prospective clients might insist on it.

“Some boards liked that we printed board packets, but, now that we’re meeting virtually and no one’s coming to the office, we’re not printing anything,” says Katie Anderson, CEO of Aperion Management Group, LLC, which manages around 65 associations in Central Oregon.

“The only thing paper leaving our office is compliance notices and collections letters, which are required by statute. Ninety percent of our communications are paperless.”

It helps that Aperion charges on a per-door basis. “We’re not a company that profits by charging for every copy, every stamp, etc., so we don’t track envelopes and all those costs,” Anderson says. 

That’s not to say there aren’t growing pains with clients. Read the full article now to learn more of the perks of going paperless, as well as how to navigate potential hiccups:

Streamline Your Operations: How Managers Can Go Paperless

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