Why You Need to Get On Board with Smart Technology

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) continues to smash barriers in how people experience all aspects of life. This week, we explain why the proliferation of smart devices means those community association managers who aren’t on board risk falling behind and losing customers.

The odds are good that some of your owners already are using personal digital assistants like Alexa and Siri or other smart devices in their homes. The consulting firm PwC reports that 26% of U.S. Internet users currently own smart home products or devices, from alarm systems and doorbells to refrigerators and lights.

As the number of users escalates, so are owner expectations. Increasingly, they want their property managers to incorporate the IoT into their communities.

The IoT generally refers to the connection of everyday objects like locks and kitchen appliances to the Internet. The connection facilitates the gathering, sending and receiving of data about us and our interactions with our environment. Easy access to wi-fi networks, mobile data and the cloud has led to the rapid spread of such connectedness.

This access also has made owners accustomed to conducting all kinds of activities immediately from their devices. Every day, more people are using their phones to remotely check who’s knocking at the door, close garage doors they inadvertently left open, and adjust lighting levels in their homes. They’re counting on smart thermostats to adjust the temperature and smart locks to let service providers with a code into their home at a specific date and time.

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