Want to Know What Your Condo or HOA Members Think about the Association?

This week, we take a look at the results of survey of almost 650 HOA members, drilling down into the details to learn how much they think their community associations help — or hinder — them.

One of the keys to effective community association management is meeting and beating member expectations — so it sure would help to know what your members think about their associations. The website insurancequotes.com has provided a valuable peek into the minds of HOA members with their results of their recent “Honest About HOAs” survey.

One of the primary findings? Respondents’ age and service on their association board of directors both play a big role in their sentiments toward the HOA.

For example, Baby Boomers were the most likely by far to say they love their HOA, at 52 percent, versus only 39 percent of Millennials and 31 percent of Generation Xers. Gen Xers were the most likely to hate their HOA (32 percent).

Respondents’ feelings also were influenced by whether they had ever served on the HOA’s board of directors. Fifty-seven percent of people with board experience indicated they love their HOA, while roughly one-third of those without board service either hate their HOA or have no opinion. Board service seems to affect whether residents see the value in their association dues, too — 75 percent of those with board service believe their HOA fees are worth it, compared with 59 percent of those who haven’t served.

Read on to discover their feelings about a range of issues in our new article, What Do Members Really Think About Their HOAs?

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