Stop Overwhelming New Owners – How To Streamline Your Welcome Packets

Welcome packets for new owners in community associations are going through a makeover in more and more communities. The trend can be summed up succinctly: Less is more.

The welcome packet should be more than a cursory administrative task. Done right, it can generate positive feelings toward the community, the association, and the manager. It could even spur interest in volunteering.

“You want to get off on the right foot,” says Erik Robinson, senior community manager with Aperion Management Group in Bend, Ore.

“You don’t want a new member’s first interaction with the board or the manager to be a violation letter. You’re never going to get back that feeling of a really bad first impression — you’ll be fighting an uphill battle with that owner from there on out.”

Providing critical information, on the other hand, can pave the road to a productive relationship. “An informed member is a happy member,” says Lisa Turner, president and CEO of Silverleaf Management Group in Loganville, Ga., which manages more than 140 associations.

Learn how to streamline your welcome packet process while still providing new owners with the crucial info they need:

A Welcome Change: Managers Slim Down Their New-Owner Packets

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