Tool Category: Model Forms

Gather Items Needed for Year-End Audit

Here is a pre-audit checklist written with the help of Gary Rosen of Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C. Use this checklist to organize and prepare for the year-end audit of your association’s financial statements.

Determine Worker Status Ahead of Tax Season

Tax law classifies workers as either “independent contractors” or “employees,” but if you don’t choose the correct classification for third-party workers, such as maintenance people, the association could be on the hook for avoidable liability—namely, fines and penalties. The answers to the following questions—which should be in the form of a “yes” or “no”—should help…

Be Thorough with Air Conditioning System Inspection

Here are checklists that your maintenance staff can use to inspect and record the condition of your community’s air conditioning system before summer temperatures peak or any time of year for hot-weather located associations.

Draft Airtight Architectural Review Form

Your association’s architectural review committee should have a standard, carefully drafted architectural change application that protects it from liability and benefits members who wish to change their properties. You can adapt this form to reflect the important points and requirements of your review process. The architectural review requirements for granting consent should be clearly stated…

Use Qualification Form to Compare Insurance Agents/Brokers

Send this form to prospective insurance agents/brokers to learn about their experience and service in community association risk and coverage. You can also use this form to reevaluate your current agent/broker to determine whether you are getting the best possible service.

Use Interview Form to Make Hiring Decisions

The following interview form includes the key criteria on which to rate an applicant for employment at your community. It also gives interviewers a chance to explain their answers in their own words. You can adapt the form for your hiring process.

Make Records Coordinator Attest to Records Destruction

Your records coordinator should complete the following form each time association records are destroyed. Ask your attorney if it’s wise to include any additional information that would further protect the association.

Use Criminal Incident Report to Limit Premises Liability

If the victim of a crime that took place in the community you manage sues the association for negligence, he’ll probably accuse it of taking inadequate security precautions. No matter how diligent your security measures are, an unforeseeable event still could happen. To head off an allegation that security wasn’t as good as it could…

Check Certifications, Credentials of Lifeguard Applicants

The information in this checklist covers the basic information that you want to know about lifeguard job candidates for the community pool. Remember to consult your state and local laws and also talk with the association attorney to make sure that you’ve taken every possible step to make the pool safe for members.

Use Survey to Recruit Residents to Garden Program

If the board of directors is interested starting a community garden, you can use the following survey to determine if residents support a garden program. You can also use the survey to recruit resident garden leaders to help you plan and manage the garden through the season.