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Remind Pet Owners of Responsibilities

The following letter incorporates four key items that should be included when reminding members that they’re obligated to follow the community’s pet rules, and why doing so is important. Show this letter to your attorney before adapting it for use in your community.

Tell Members How to Conserve Energy

Here’s a Model Letter you can give members to help make their units more energy efficient, which will in turn minimize heat complaints that you have to deal with.

Screen Out Improper Records Inspection Requests

Require a member to do three things in order to make a request for access to your association’s records. You can adapt this form for use at your community after showing it to your attorney.

Describe Grounds for Firing in Written Letter

If you must terminate an employee, make sure that you send him a termination letter and keep a copy of it for your files with any other documentation you have regarding the employee’s performance, such as warnings that you’ve given. Remember to include the cause for dismissal in the letter. Ask your association’s attorney about…

Send Thank You Letter to Referring Employees

Send the following letter to an employee who refers a candidate whom you hire. The letter thanks the employee for referring the candidate and tells the employee how much he or she will receive and when to expect the bonus.

Give Members Tips for Making Their Units More Energy Efficient

Making units more energy efficient year-round can help reduce utility expenses and help the environment. Here are some measures members can take to improve energy efficiency in their units.

Recognize Member’s Request for Emotional Support Animal

If a member’s disability is not obvious—for example, a mental disability—an association is entitled to ask for supporting materials that document the member’s need for a service animal such as an emotional support animal. The Model Letter below, which you would give to a professional who is familiar with the member’s disability, will help you…

Require Members to Certify that Smoke Detectors Are Operable

Here is a Model Certification that members sign and return to your office to certify that all smoke detectors in their units are operable. Show this certification to your attorney before adapting it for use at your community.

Include Five Details to Make Your View Protection Bylaw Enforceable

Here’s a model view protection bylaw that we drafted with the help of Colorado attorney Loura Sanchez. Show this bylaw to your attorney before adapting it for use in your community.

Warn Members About Proper Use of Internet Access

Here’s an example of a letter you can send to your members to announce that the association will be providing high-speed Internet service for all members and, if applicable, common areas.