Looking to Hire Managers? You’re Not Alone

Employers of all stripes are having trouble recruiting new workers, and community association management firms aren’t immune.

“The industry over the last three or four years has found itself in an increasingly difficult hiring situation, which has only been exacerbated by COVID,” says Paul Grucza, director of education and client development at the Seattle-based management company CWD Group, Inc.

“We’ve had to completely pivot on how and where we hire and what we look for,” Grucza says. For example, CWD Group is recruiting on an ongoing basis. “Our recruitment process is daily. We have ads out all the time, which we never did before.”

But continual recruitment is necessary to build a bench of managers.

“The bandwidth we used to enjoy with our management staff no longer exists,” Grucza says. “If a board asks for a different manager, we used to just swap someone else in, but we’re at a point now where managers are pretty much working full tilt.

“What I’m doing is bargaining with the boards, saying we’d like an opportunity to train and mentor the problem manager. I’m basically buying time because we don’t have enough people.”

Read the full story now and learn the strategies Grucza and others are using to thrive in a difficult market:

Help Wanted: How to Hire Managers in a Tight Labor Market

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