More Remote Work Means More Risks for Associations

The many domino effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing recession include not only an increase in the number of people performing their current jobs from home, rather than at an office or other workplace, but also a surge in the number of home-based businesses.

With so many people looking to replace lost income, it’s no surprise that many community associations are seeing owners move their existing businesses to — or launch new businesses from — their units. Managers have reported a wide variety of businesses, including:

  • Hair stylists and barbers
  • Attorneys
  • Landscape or other design work
  • Computer repair
  • Learning pods
  • Day care or camps
  • Fitness instruction

While this rise in modern-day cottage industry is certainly understandable, it presents a lot of complications and potential legal risks for associations. Perhaps the most obvious hurdle is that these businesses often run straight into restrictions or outright prohibitions on commercial use.

How should your boards of directors respond? As with so many issues they confront, it probably calls for a balancing of interests.

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