Are Your Community Association Rules a Ticking Time Bomb?

Times change, but often community association rules don’t. If your rules get out of date, they could become a ticking time bomb representing unnecessary risk that could blow up at any moment into a costly lawsuit or dispute.

“Rules should be reviewed on a regular basis, and, in my experience, they aren’t,” says Alan Garfinkel, founding partner of Garfinkel Law, a full-service community association law firm in Florida.

Regular rules reviews can help an association keep up as laws and/or their circumstances evolve.

How recently have you done a comprehensive review of your rules? Do you have a plan in place to review them at a regular frequency? How often should you be reviewing your rules?

In a new article, we speak to several experts who share their recommendations for why your association might be in need of a rules review and what things to consider when updating and crafting new rules.

You can read the article here: How and Why Your Association Clients Should Regularly Review Their Rules

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