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Are Community Associations Liable for Harassment Between Owners?

Community associations often prefer, understandably, to take a hands-off approach to disputes between owners. Under a federal regulation issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), though, that approach could backfire. Association Liability for Owner-on-Owner Harassment Abuse and harassment among owners is on the rise, says Sandra Gottlieb, a founding partner of California…

“Nightmare Neighbor” Lands in Jail

We tell you about the how one condo owner tormented her neighbors, the condo association board, and the association’s management company — and how they finally found relief. Dealing with disruptive residents ranks high on the list of thorny problems community associations — and their management companies — can run into. You’ve probably had your…

“Nightmare” Neighbor’s Conviction Gives Condo Owners Relief

Dealing with disruptive residents ranks high on the list of thorny problems community associations—and their management companies—can encounter. You’ve probably heard your fair share of complaints about people violating parking rules or failing to clean up after their pets, but you’ve hopefully never dealt with anything close to the multi-year reign of terror conducted by…

Minimize Risks Associated with Homeless Presence at Community

More and more community association managers, especially those of HOAs or condo buildings in urban areas, are having to deal with the issue of how to handle homeless individuals on or near their properties. The homeless can pose concerns for residents and staff, ranging from creating a nuisance to criminal activity.

Minimize Liability for Increased Use of High-Risk Areas in Community

Although in many parts of the country, planned community and condominium residents are battling snow and freezing temperatures, spring and summer—with warm weather and opportunities to get active—will be here soon enough. And some communities experience soaring heat year round, like those in association-prevalent states such as Florida. Many members invite guests into the community and host seasonal parties or activities in warm weather. You may even provide association-sponsored summer fun.

Association Hatches Plan for Removing Pet Chickens from Community

A Michigan family has been told by their homeowners association that they can’t raise chickens at their home in a planned community. In a letter to the family, the association demanded that the family comply with “applicable covenants” and remove the chickens they were keeping in their backyard as pets. But a lawyer for the family clarified that there was no regulation in the homeowners’ association rules prohibiting them from keeping chickens. However, the association changed its bylaws shortly thereafter; its rules now prohibit chickens.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

By Carolyn Zezima

Use Caution When Considering Leasing Unused Common Space

By Andrea Brescia

Find the Right Commercial Tenant for Your Association

By Andrea Brescia

For associations that have designated commercial space, finding the right tenant is critical. While there are a lot of retail stores that provide convenience, not every commercial tenant is necessarily a good fit for your community.

Pass Anti-Smoking Bylaw to Extinguish Related Risks in Community