How To Stretch Sustainable Landscaping Dollars

We recently explained how associations ready to convert to sustainable landscaping can determine the degree of change their communities can stomach, as well as some of the initial issues to consider once that determination is made. Now, we’ll look at some of the ways that associations can make meaningful investments upfront and help offset their costs while doing so.

Tim Trevillian, owner of Horticultural Elements, Inc., in Seattle, Wash., understands the importance of stretching the landscaping dollar, especially for cost-conscious associations. That’s why irrigation modifications are among his favorite approaches when making the switch to sustainable landscaping.

“It has an instant impact, and the results can be seen in the monthly water bill,” he says. “Seeing results quickly helps gain momentum and get more of the community to buy in.” But irrigation upgrades generally don’t come cheap.

“Changing over irrigation nozzles to help reduce water consumption alone can have a cost of about $8 each,” Trevillian says. “Depending on the size of the property, this can easily require the swapping out of 700 nozzles and the installation of a smart controller.” These controllers take into account weather conditions and soil moisture levels to determine when to water and how much to supply.

“It’s very true that irrigation modifications save money in water usage, but this return can take a few years to gain back,” Trevillian cautions.

Read the full story now and learn more — including a common attempt at landscaping money-saving that Trevillian says isn’t worth it in the long run:

Sustainable Landscaping: How to Get Started, Part 2

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