6 Fair Housing Rules for Maintenance Staff

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Code of Conduct: 

6 Fair Housing Rules for Maintenance Staff


No matter how large or small the community association you manage is, you’ll need to employ at least a few staff members. While they should receive training that’s specific to their job, there’s one type of training that’s necessary for everyone: how to abide by the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

It’s easy to forget that maintenance workers, who fulfill many of their job duties without coming into contact with the community’s members, will sooner or later have interactions with home or condo owners.

If an association fails to give its maintenance staff fair housing training and a member believes that a maintenance worker’s conduct violated fair housing law, you could receive a discrimination complaint.

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You'll learn how you can prevent such complaints at your community—and avoid a potential lawsuit against the association—by setting a fair housing code of conduct for maintenance workers and properly training them on how to follow it.