Risk Management

Risk Management

Three Ways to Minimize Dangerous Speeding in the Community

February 1, 2010    

Speeding drivers in your community can ruin your neighborhood's tranquility and, more importantly, threaten the safety of anyone on foot, especially playing children. According to the American Journal of Public Health, two-thirds of children who are hurt or killed in traffic accidents...

Protect Condo Members from Christmas Tree Fire Hazards

December 1, 2009    

As Christmas approaches, many of your members will be setting up Christmas trees in their condominiums. While a beautifully decorated tree can add to the holiday spirit and help create a fragrant indoor atmosphere, Christmas trees can also pose a serious fire hazard to members' condominiums...

Set Smoke Detector Maintenance Policy for Condo Members

August 31, 2008    

Operable smoke detectors can go a long way toward saving lives and protecting property in condominium communities, where a fire in one unit can damage other units or endanger lives. Unfortunately, sometimes members don't maintain their smoke detectors or may intentionally disable them....