Send Notice of Upcoming Renovation

May 19, 2016
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Common area renovation projects can be a nuisance to members. And while most members are usually supportive and tolerant of those projects because they realize they help to make the community a better place to live, not everyone feels that way. Frustration can crop up if members find that they have to unexpectedly put up with noise and construction, especially if it’s near their units.

Keep member complaints and dissatisfaction to a minimum by being upfront with members and telling them in advance what is happening. A great way to announce a planned renovation project to your community’s members is to send them a letter that explains how the project will benefit them, includes notes about when the work will take place and what inconveniences they can expect, and includes a telephone number and an email address for members if they have any questions about the project and how it will affect them.

For a model letter you can adapt to inform members about renovations in the community you manage, see “Don't Start Renovations Without Informing Members,” available to subscribers here.