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California Counties Aim to Snuff Out Smoking in Condos, Apartments

In a new proposal, Marin County, Calif., health officials are circulating an ordinance cracking down on smoking in multi-unit apartment and condominium complexes. The antismoking law, due for review by county supervisors in December, is almost identical to the ordinance adopted earlier this year by Larkspur, Calif. That city's ordinance bars residents from lighting up in most condominium and apartment units. County officials have said that the smoking crackdown is necessary to “preserve healthy communities.”

Handling Member Complaints About Marijuana Grow Operations in Community

Recently, a Montana mixed-use condominium association board voted to amend its governing documents to specifically prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries in the community. The association had sent out a survey to its members regarding medical marijuana in February 2010 asking the owners of the association how they would like to address medical marijuana and its place in the community. In that survey, 73 percent responded, with 72 percent in favor of prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries in the community.