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Avoid Dispute About Who Should Pay for Unit Damage

January 19, 2017    

The nature of condominium buildings—that is, units stacked on each other—means that occasionally an accident in one condo will affect the adjacent unit. Flooding is a common cause of damage to multiple units, and it can happen from appliances like...

Settlement Can Put End to Member’s Ongoing Feud

January 19, 2017    

If you’ve been dealing with a member whose complaints or legal actions seem to be neverending, there could be good news for you: In some case, a settlement with the member precludes a subsequent lawsuit.

Use Caution When Requiring Adult Supervision

January 19, 2017    

Many planned communities have children living in them, which brings into play safety and security issues. You might think that you’re creating rules that ensure children are safe, but if those rules include adult supervision requirements, you might be on the...

Interview Tips to Make Better Hiring Decisions

December 15, 2016    

No matter what industry you work in, finding and hiring good employees is difficult. While the economy has recovered, there are still many jobseekers who apply for jobs that they are unqualified for, just because they need employment. And a candidate who seemed...

Avoid Backlash from Board Restructuring

December 15, 2016    

Sometimes, to comply with the law, association boards must be restructured. If you find yourself in the position of having to deliver the news and help with the restructure, you could be faced with accusations by board members that you’re improperly trying to...

Take Efficient Voting to the Next Level for Your Association

November 17, 2016    

Some of the national conversation and controversy regarding the 2016 presidential election has centered on the integrity of the voting process. Speculation that voting results can be influenced by hacking has been in the media. And whether high-tech interference...

Training Effort Boosts Board Members’ Success

November 17, 2016    

Community Associations Institute (CAI) recommends education and training for the 2.35 million volunteer community association board and committee members nationwide.

Property Manager Was Off the Hook for FHA Violation

November 17, 2016    

There are many rewards for community association managers, who get to see satisfied members enjoying a lifestyle they’ve chosen by buying a home or condominium unit in a planned community. However, there are some risks, like when a member or other party sues...

Take Action Before Behavior of Aging Members Spirals Out of Control

October 27, 2016    

Age-restricted communities have become a real force in the housing market, providing a great alternative for elderly people who want to stay active and remain in their homes rather than move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities as past generations often...

Who Is to Blame for Common Area Accidents?

October 27, 2016    

Q: An elevator repair person injured himself while working on one of the elevators in the common area of the condo building I manage. He’s threatening to sue our board of managers...

Court Untangles California HOA’s Messy Dispute

October 27, 2016    

A recent HOA ruling is putting voters on a level playing field. A San Diego Superior Court ruling has put things in perspective for a California community association, ruling in favor of the association by confirming that the board’s bylaws and covenants,...

Stop Enabling Fraudulent Activity in Your Community

September 30, 2016    

Unfortunately, community associations—regardless of how well they are run—can fall prey to embezzlement or purposeful misuse of funds or resources. Association managers and board members should be aware of common ways that fraud is perpetrated and how...