Feature Articles

Use Green Landscaping Practices to Save Money and Resources

April 26, 2017    

By Carolyn Zezima

Take Proper Steps When a Member Declares Bankruptcy

April 13, 2017    

By Andrea Brescia

With almost 800,000 bankruptcy filings in 2016 alone, chances are that someone living in your community will declare bankruptcy at some point. And the likelihood grows if your association is in the South, where the highest numbers of bankruptcies are recorded....

Appreciate Differences When Managing Master Associations

March 9, 2017    

At first glance, an association’s structure and management seem straightforward. A planned community or condominium building typically has a set of governing documents, a board of directors who make sure that the rules and regulations in those documents are followed, and a manager who,...

Tread Carefully When Faced with Sex Offender in Community

March 9, 2017    

The safety and security of the community you manage should be a top priority. You’re faced with many challenges when trying to keep your community safe and secure. You can take care of many cut-and-dried problems on your own or with help from your staff, if you can get the association to...

Rein in Association Expenditures to Keep Costs Low, Members Happy

February 10, 2017    

Finances are a huge consideration for community association boards and managers. It takes money—and sometimes lots of it—to keep a community or condominium building up to high standards and running smoothly. If you manage an association or serve on your association’s board of...

Protect Association from Document Discovery Pitfalls

February 10, 2017    

Legal problems for associations have evolved along with technology that while helpful, can also hurt board members and managers. With the help of technology, you might be able to conduct business more efficiently, but you also need to understand that a lawsuit will potentially require handing...

Use Governing Documents to Determine Responsibility for Multiple-Unit Damage

January 17, 2017    

The nature of condominium buildings—that is, units stacked on each other—means that occasionally an accident in one condo will affect the adjacent unit. Flooding is a common cause of damage to multiple units, and it can happen from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines...

Tread Carefully When Revealing Information About Former Employees

January 17, 2017    

It’s typical for the prospective new employer of one of your former employees to call for a reference. If the employee in question was a stellar part of your management team, it’s a no-brainer. A glowing report will most likely be appreciated by the former employee. But what should...

Rate Employment Applicants on Key Criteria Before Hiring

December 7, 2016    

No matter what industry you work in, finding and hiring good employees is difficult. While the economy has recovered, there are still many jobseekers who apply for jobs that they are unqualified for, just because they need employment. And a candidate who seemed like a good choice for your...

Make the Transition to Online Voting for Board Elections

November 14, 2016    

Much of the national conversation and controversy regarding the 2016 presidential election has centered on the integrity of the voting process. Speculation that voting results can be influenced by hacking has been in the media. And whether high-tech interference with the voting process is a...

Strategically Pursue Construction Defect Claims

October 27, 2016    

Association living has many perks, and it seems that around every corner there is a new development with condos, townhouses, or freestanding homes. But after the excitement of a new planned community or condominium building dies down, and you and your property management company have been hired...

Include Four Steps in Age-Restricted Community Resolution

October 7, 2016    

Age-restricted communities have become a real force in the housing market, providing a great alternative for elderly people who want to stay active and remain in their homes rather than move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities as past generations often did. But they’ve also...