Feature Articles

Preempt Disasters by Getting Board Authority Over Equipment in Members' Units

July 10, 2018    

Proper and timely maintenance of every feature in a planned community or condominium is key to keeping things running smoothly. But members will inevitably have a wide range of attitudes toward their own maintenance obligations. On one end of the spectrum will be members who understand that,...

Gather Best Board Members for Association's Operation

June 27, 2018    

There’s always turnover for community association boards. A board member might move, retire, want to travel, or become too busy for some reason to fulfill her responsibilities. When a board member gives up her position, the association has the sometimes difficult task of replacing the...

Take Four Factors into Account When Deciding Whether to Use Electronic Recordkeeping

June 27, 2018    

You know that organization is one of the keys to association management success, especially if you’re in charge of a larger community or one with many members. If you did an annual spring cleaning this year, you might also have realized that you need to cut down on clutter in your office,...

How to Establish a Waste Reduction & Recycling Program

June 11, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima, Esq.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

June 10, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima

Get Association Ready for Management Transition

May 15, 2018    

Buying a home in a community association is a serious investment, so many homeowners and members live in their units for an extended period of time. Although it sometimes seems like an on-site association manager is part of the community because she’s on the property continually, this is a...

Require Employees to Get Authorization Before Commenting About Accidents, Incidents

May 15, 2018    

A large part of the day-to-day management of a community is providing service, in a friendly and polite manner that comports with a major point of living in an association—being part of a pleasant environment. You’ve probably trained your staff to make homeowners and their guests...

Use Caution When Considering Leasing Unused Common Space

April 6, 2018    

By Andrea Brescia

With the rise of mixed-use spaces, the convenience—and financial benefit—of having a popular bakery or a national bank locked in for a 10-year, income-generating lease may seem like an attractive option for a common area that’s going largely...

Find the Right Commercial Tenant for Your Association

April 6, 2018    

By Andrea Brescia

For associations that have designated commercial space, finding the right tenant is critical. While there are a lot of retail stores that provide convenience, not every commercial tenant is necessarily a good fit for your community.

How to Avoid Liability for 'Practice of Law' and Debt Collection

March 15, 2018    

As a community association manager, a large part of your time can be taken up with questions from directors and members that require a response. While you might want to provide as much helpful information as you can, be aware that this area can be fraught with risk for you and your management...

Gear Up for Summer with Air Conditioning System Inspections

March 15, 2018    

Depending upon where the community you manage is located, hot weather is a year-round issue you must manage or summer is around the corner faster than you think. One sure way you can beat the heat, no matter where your association is, is to be certain that your community’s central air...