Feature Articles

How to Establish a Waste Reduction & Recycling Program

June 11, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima, Esq.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

June 10, 2018    

Minimize Risks Posed by Members Who Use Building Rooftop

February 12, 2018    

Spring is here and with it will come warm weather that brings out homeowners and condominium owners to enjoy it. Especially in city areas, which tend to have many condominium buildings, there’s limited outdoor space, so members and their guests might try to create some recreational space...

Spring into Action After Community Experiences Crime

February 12, 2018    

It’s important for members in your community to feel safe. After all, one of the draws of many associations is security. It’s common for communities to have security personnel or, at the least, take practical measures to mitigate crime like installing adequate lighting in common...

Motivate Member to Pay Delinquent Association Fees

January 12, 2018    

Association fees are an integral part of keeping a planned community or condominium building running smoothly. They’re key to paying bills for routine services and amenities and, in some communities, can contribute to additional bonuses for members, like social events. But when members don...