Highest Industry Credential Awarded to Community Association Professionals

March 9, 2017    

Community Associations Institute (CAI), the leading authority for community association education, governance, and management, has awarded the most prestigious and respected designation—Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM)—to 86 community association professionals. The...

Shielding Board Members from Individual Liability

February 10, 2017    

Q: A weather disaster has severely damaged many of the homes in the planned community I manage. The local government is determining whether the community should be demolished. Several board members want to do this, but homeowners are...

Study: HOA Satisfaction Lower Than Expected

February 10, 2017    

The Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interests most recent national survey has uncovered higher dissatisfaction with associations from their members. A whopping 81 percent of community association residents cited a lack of transparency and poor communication as the top...

Using Management Staff to Uncover Drug Operations

January 17, 2017    

Q: One of my management staff members suspects that a homeowner in our planned community is manufacturing illegal drugs. I’m concerned about the implications of illegal drugs of any kind in our community, and that the association could...

HOA Bookkeeper Diverted $95K for Personal Use

January 17, 2017    

A Florida homeowners association manager called police after discovering that the community’s bookkeeper allegedly used nearly $95,000 of the association’s money for personal expenses, including a diamond engagement ring and luxury handbags. The employee was arrested for larceny and...

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Excessive Charges in Florida Associations

January 17, 2017    

A Miami condominium association is faced with a class-action lawsuit that claims that Sunshine State associations routinely overcharge consumers far more than the legally capped amount. The association member who initiated the lawsuit claimed that he was charged fees that violated the Florida...

Ridding Community of Graffiti

December 7, 2016    

Q: Unfortunately, since the presidential election, there have been several incidences of graffiti in our community, referring to some of the politically charged campaign messages. We’ve never had a problem with any kind of vandalism in...

Survey: Crowds, Noise, and Neighborhood Safety Are Top Halloween Issues at HOAs

December 7, 2016    

Following on the heels of Halloween, the Community Association Institute (CAI) released the findings of a research study that addressed the issues that pop up in planned communities on that holiday. According to the survey, 93 percent of respondents said their association hasn’t made any...

Collecting Rent from Delinquent Members' Tenants

November 14, 2016    

Q Some of the economically distressed members in the community I manage have decided to lease their homes to tenants to help cover their expenses. At the same time, the landlord-members seem to have made paying assessments a low priority and...

Banning Outspoken Board Member from Executive Sessions

October 27, 2016    

Q: The president of the board of directors for the association I manage complained that the board was threatening to exclude her from sessions because she had talked about confidential information to nonboard members and had stated that she...

HOA Advocate: Education Is Key to Board Members’ Success

October 27, 2016    

Community Associations Institute (CAI) recommends education and training for the 2.35 million volunteer community association board and committee members nationwide.

Determining Whether Condo Resident Is Protected by Debt Collection Law

October 7, 2016    

Q: A resident in one of the units in the condominium building I manage denies that she caused damage to the hallway outside of her unit. A family member of the resident is the actual owner of the unit, but she has been permitted by the...