Association Avoids Open Dialogue for ‘Open House’ Signage

February 12, 2018    

An Arizona realtor has had to confront a homeowners association for disposing of his “open house” signs advertising properties he has listed for sale in the community. After discovering a worker from the association’s landscaping company driving away with the signs that had...

Security Concerns for HOA’s Open-Garage-Door Mandate

January 12, 2018    

A California homeowners association is requiring members to keep their garage doors open most of the day on weekdays. The new rule is in response to the association learning that so-called squatters—people living in a home illegally—were inhabiting the garage of at least one home in...

Law That Hastens Foreclosure Causes Controversy

January 12, 2018    

Under current law, Arizona homeowners associations can foreclose on owners if they fail to pay their dues for a year or get behind by $1,200—whichever comes first. A bill introduced by one of Arizona’s Republican senators would allow HOA foreclosures after six months, with no minimum...

Determining Whether Items Not Mentioned in Guidelines Are Permissible

December 12, 2017    

Q: In a casual conversation with a homeowner in the planned community I manage for an association, she mentioned she would like to install a mailbox that resembles a cartoon that her children like. She said that she has checked the...

Don't Allow Staff to Work on Elevators

December 12, 2017    

It’s smart for associations to have a continuing maintenance and repair contract with an elevator contractor. Elevator issues can turn deadly so experts in that field are invaluable, and can help you avoid liability for you and your staff. But don’t let your staff do any work on your...

Ensure Board Members Don’t Exceed Term

December 12, 2017    

Although board member positions are voluntary, many members take them seriously—and personally. That could create controversy. That’s because, sometimes, to comply with the law, association boards must be restructured; if you find yourself in the position of having to deliver the...

Fight Over Scenic Neighborhood Photo Shoots Turns Ugly

December 12, 2017    

Neighborhoods that are governed by a homeowners association have a tendency to be attractive and well manicured. After all, that’s a major reason why members pay dues and want to live in such a community. But a photogenic Houston community is trying to block photo shoots from its streets....

Getting Condo Building LEED Certified

October 25, 2017    

Q: I manage a condominium building that is out of date environmentally. We recently implemented a recycling program that has been successful and members have asked about other green initiatives that we can take. I’d like to push for the...

Feds Halt HOA Foreclosure Fraud Scheme

October 25, 2017    

A homeowners association foreclosure home-buying scheme has come to an end, after a nearly three-year investigation. Federal authorities seized gold, cash, and other property from a Raleigh, N.C., man accused of fraudulently scooping up homes in foreclosure. He was charged with multiple counts...

Electing to Vote Electronically

October 10, 2017    

Q: My association has really embraced technology for day-to-day management. We have a large membership and we’ve found that everything from organizational software to a drone for investigating maintenance concerns has streamlined...

Court Cases Challenge HOA Developer

September 8, 2017    

A pair of state senators expressed their support for residents of a Florida homeowners association at a recent town hall meeting primarily concerned with gaining control of their community.

Homeowners Ask HOA to Show Them the Money

September 8, 2017    

Homeowners in an Alabama community claim they've been paying hundreds of dollars every year but have no idea where the money is going because there are no meetings, no detailed budgets, and no communication from their association. They are blaming the developer.

The head executive of...