Crime & Security

Associations and Management Companies Aren’t Immune from Cyber Crime

A recent survey conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research found that almost half of the community association respondents didn’t have policies and procedures in place to safely collect and store homeowners’ personal data. That’s a problem. It’s true that associations often operate on the more low-tech side of things, but that doesn’t mean…

Online Owner Payments, Part 2: Choosing the Right Path

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Read Part 1 here: In April, we discussed the numerous benefits associated with allowing owners to make payments online, as well as how managers can overcome resistance to the change from boards of directors. Now we have some advice for managers to smooth the transaction once they’ve…

“Nightmare Neighbor” Lands in Jail

We tell you about the how one condo owner tormented her neighbors, the condo association board, and the association’s management company — and how they finally found relief. Dealing with disruptive residents ranks high on the list of thorny problems community associations — and their management companies — can run into. You’ve probably had your…

“Nightmare” Neighbor’s Conviction Gives Condo Owners Relief

Dealing with disruptive residents ranks high on the list of thorny problems community associations—and their management companies—can encounter. You’ve probably heard your fair share of complaints about people violating parking rules or failing to clean up after their pets, but you’ve hopefully never dealt with anything close to the multi-year reign of terror conducted by…

Spring into Action After Community Experiences Crime

It’s important for members in your community to feel safe. After all, one of the draws of many associations is security. It’s common for communities to have security personnel or, at the least, take practical measures to mitigate crime like installing adequate lighting in common areas and gates at entrances that only members can open. Nevertheless, petty and serious crimes have been reported in planned communities and condominium buildings. This can shake the confidence of members.

Take Immediate Action After Serious Crime

How you handle the aftermath of a serious crime when it occurs at your community will determine how safe your members feel in the future, as well as answer questions it might raise, such as whether the association's insurance policy will cover related lawsuits, and the degree to which the association may be held responsible for the crime—as well as any future crimes.

Basic Approaches Can Prevent Burglaries

The Alarm Association of Florida recommends six safety and security tips that can help you keep your community crime free:

Tip #1: Avoid having trees or hedges that block doors or windows.

Tip #2: Install motion detector lights for the property's perimeter and areas that are typically dark at night.

Tip #3: Periodically update locks for doors in common areas or other areas of the property where criminals could hide.

Tip #4: Beware of cheap security cameras and alarm systems sold door-to-door or online.