Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

June 10, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima

Gear Up for Summer with Air Conditioning System Inspections

March 15, 2018    

Depending upon where the community you manage is located, hot weather is a year-round issue you must manage or summer is around the corner faster than you think. One sure way you can beat the heat, no matter where your association is, is to be certain that your community’s central air...

Ask for Member Input Before Upgrading Amenities

January 14, 2016    

If your association has decided that it has the funds to upgrade current amenities or add new ones, you should find out what’s most important to members before determining where the money should be spent. In a community with families, a playground or playroom might be important to members...

How to Tell if Your Condo Building Needs Repointing Work

September 23, 2015    

In many parts of the country, winter is quickly approaching, and the cold and snowy season brings with it concerns that association managers should take seriously. The winter season creates liability in the form of slip-and-fall accidents and other personal injuries due to ice, snow, and...

Collect Damages if Contractor Delays Completion of Work

September 16, 2013    

When you hire outside contractors to make repairs in your community, how do you know they’ll finish when they say they will? The stakes are high. After all, delays cause not only financial problems, but also impact the quality of life of your members. For instance, a delay in repairs that...

Check Documents, Applicable Law for Plumbing Responsibility

June 25, 2013    

The case law issued in recent years by U.S. federal and state courts was replete with lessons for community associations and their managers alike. A major theme that has emerged is the repair and maintenance of both common areas and members’ units. Sometimes, like in the following case,...

Check Seven Items During Roof Inspection

November 5, 2012    

In our last issue, the Insider stressed the importance of following a year-round maintenance plan and suggested that you put roofing at the top of your list of tasks to prioritize. If your association is responsible for the maintenance of roofs in the community, it’s particularly...

Follow Year-Round Maintenance Plan, Prioritize Daily Tasks

October 12, 2012    

Working with your association’s board, fielding member concerns, and overseeing your own staff can take up a lot of your time. Occasionally, you may get hung up on handling major issues that become important to the community, too. But prioritizing day-to-day maintenance is crucial, no...

Follow “To Do” Checklist to Prepare Community for Winter

August 29, 2012    

With the summer months coming to a close, it's time to start thinking about preparing your community for winter. Although winter weather may seem like it's a long way off, you'll need to take steps in the fall to get ready for harsh weather or other winter challenges, depending on...

Prevent Renovations from Leading to Member Discontent

July 15, 2012    

Members are usually supportive of common area renovation projects because they realize that updates make the community a better place to live and have the potential to make their units more valuable. But not every member will feel that way. For example, members may be disgruntled if construction...

Get Seven Key Protections When Hiring Snow Removal Contractor

September 21, 2011    

If your community is in a region of the country that gets snow, hiring a snow removal contractor may be inevitable. Typically, snow removal contractors provide associations with a form contract to sign. But a form contract may not always work to your benefit—for example, it may not have a...

Use Licensed Structural Engineer to Assess Concrete Cracks in Condo Building

March 20, 2011    

Concrete cracks. They're a fact of life. Some cracks might not need attention, while others could have serious structural consequences. But how can you tell the difference? Much of the time you can't, and expert advice is required. After the beating your condominium building probably...