Premises Liability

Tell Members How to Interact Appropriately with Service Animals

February 11, 2013    

Last month’s feature touched on the changing face of service animals—that is, nontraditional breeds being used as service dogs, and the ways that associations should handle responsibility and liability if a service dog of any kind happens to bite somebody (see “Keep Restricted...

Train Employees What Not to Say After Incident in Community

January 15, 2013    

From time to time there may be an accident or other incident it your community. It’s human nature to try to comfort a victim, and well-trained employees should also be polite to members and guests, helping them when they can under ordinary circumstances. But if an employee speculates on...

Six Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Liability

September 5, 2012    

If your condominium community uses a fuel-burning appliance such as a gas or oil furnace to heat your building or pool, you need to worry about carbon monoxide (CO), a hazardous material that your members cannot see or smell. Many people die and many more become seriously ill from CO poisoning...

Don't Rely Solely on Clause to Escape Liability for Mold-Related Problems

February 9, 2012    

For years, mold has been a controversial issue at residential properties. That's because it can cause serious health problems and be expensive to remediate. Mold prevention techniques and effective remediation of existing mold should be high on your list of maintenance and safety concerns....

Four Tips to Minimize Winter Slip-and-Fall Liability

November 24, 2010    

At the beginning of every winter season, many associations begin to worry about the possibility of being hit with slip-and-fall lawsuits filed by members or guests. Although it's inevitable that accidents will occur, the association can try to make the community as safe as possible for...

Set Playground Rules to Minimize Risk of Injuries and Lawsuits

October 31, 2010    

A playground is a great amenity that may increase property values in your community. Members with small children appreciate the role an outdoor playground plays in children's growth. Playgrounds promote an active, healthy lifestyle and provide a complex social network for kids to learn...

Conduct Legal Checkup of Swimming Pools to Avoid Liability

May 31, 2010    

With summer here, it's time to make sure that your community swimming pools are ready for action by checking their safety, insurance coverage, and legal compliance. Many associations do not conduct legal checkups, which is risky considering the number of lawsuits and regulations that exist...

Responsibilities When Appliances Cause Flooding in Condos

July 31, 2007    

Q A member's washing machine hose burst in the middle of the night, flooding the neighbor's unit and the unit below. Does the condo association have a duty to get involved in a situation like this?