In the News

In the News

Landmark HOA Legislation Presents Compliance Challenges

December 25, 2018    

Important new legislation is changing how California HOAs will operate starting in 2019. Assembly Bill 2912 began with its purpose “to take important steps to protect HOA members from fraudulent activity by those entrusted with the management of the association’s finances.” The...

FCAR Report: HOA Satisfaction Remains High Across Country

October 29, 2018    

There’s good news for community association managers across the country: For the seventh time in 13 years, Americans living in homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominiums say they’re satisfied in their communities. According to the 2018 Homeowner Satisfaction...

Miami HOA Member Uses Art to Draw Attention to Community Danger

October 29, 2018    

Aside from paint colors, maintenance, or hotly contested board elections, planned communities in various parts of Florida have an additional concern compared to those that are land-locked: rising sea levels.

Association Cuts Down Two Trees to Remove Provocative Banner

October 29, 2018    

A Florida homeowners association cut down two palm trees to remove a pro-Donald Trump campaign sign after a homeowner refused to take it down. After the sign was removed and the trees were cut down, the homeowner responded by hanging additional signs and Trump flags on his home.

Election Season Reveals New Lawn Sign Law

October 29, 2018    

A law allowing political signs in planned communities has come as a surprise to some Columbia, Mo., homeowners living in neighborhoods run by associations. The law prohibits bans on political yard signs, which is in sharp contrast to widely accepted sign bans.

Now, members of associations...

Mayoral Candidate at Center of HOA Kickback Scandal

October 29, 2018    

A Florida homeowners association has sued a mayoral candidate, accusing him of authorizing a company to perform maintenance projects in the community, setting the prices, and then receiving kickbacks from the company while he served on a landscaping committee as part of his tenure on the...

Unhappy Trails for HOA and Local Equestrian at Land Use Impasse

September 14, 2018    

A Santa Fe homeowners association hopes that mediation will lead to a settlement that would exclude horse riders from using the association’s network of trails. A local ranch owner who has used the trails for 25 years—long before the community was built—is arguing that a so-...

Board Member Accused of Racial Profiling After Asking to See Resident’s ID

July 10, 2018    

A white man who challenged a black family’s use of a gated pool in a North Carolina planned community resigned from the homeowner’s association board. After the board member, who also was the community pool chairman, asked a mother and her son to produce identification verifying that...

Members Sue New York Association for Religious Discrimination

June 27, 2018    

A New York community association is facing a discrimination lawsuit brought in federal court by Jewish members of the community who say that the association is hostile to their religious practices. According to the members, the association has adopted rules that are “expressly designed to...

New Association Board Demands Removal of Playground Equipment

June 27, 2018    

A family who has installed a playground in the backyard of their home in a planned community is embroiled in a fight with the association over the structure, which was installed as a gift for their daughter who had a kidney transplant and will be returning home soon. The family moved to the...

Association Hatches Plan for Removing Pet Chickens from Community

June 27, 2018    

A Michigan family has been told by their homeowners association that they can’t raise chickens at their home in a planned community. In a letter to the family, the association demanded that the family comply with “applicable covenants” and remove the chickens they were keeping...

Homeowners Concerned After $20M Jury Verdict for Playground Tragedy

March 15, 2018    

A homeowners association in Las Vegas is facing not just a staggering jury verdict in favor of the family of a teenager who was injured by playground equipment in the community, but also questions from confused members, some of whom feel misled.

In 2015, a swing set crossbar in the...