Contain Legal Costs Before They Spiral Out of Control

July 28, 2015    

No matter how well you and the board of directors keep your community operating, you still run the risk of defending the association from a lawsuit, even if it’s a frivolous one brought by a disgruntled member. And legal issues can present themselves in scenarios involving compliance with...

Set Smoke & CO Detector Maintenance Policy for Condo Members

July 1, 2015    

Operable smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can go a long way toward saving lives in condominium communities. A fire in one unit can damage other units or endanger lives. And CO poisoning can be fatal. Unfortunately, sometimes members don’t maintain their detectors or may...

Community Associations Legislative Update: Push for Progress to Continue through 2015

June 16, 2015    

Last year proved to be an exciting year for a push to reform and revamp many association laws and policies. And advocacy for key association issues continues going strong. The major organization behind furthering an association-favorable agenda is the Community Associations Institute (CAI), with...

Carefully Consider Best Way to Disclose Books, Records to Member

May 29, 2015    

Many members decide to buy into an association because much of the work that goes into typical homeownership is taken care of by the association manager and board, which can save time, effort, and money for members. Membership dues and assessments are used to keep up the community—from...

Limit Premises Liability with Comprehensive Criminal Incident Report

April 28, 2015    

Safety for members and staff in a planned community or condominium is one of the most important items on a manager’s or management company’s agenda. Tight security provides a sense of safety so that members can enjoy day-to-day life in the community without worrying about being...

Use Board Member Code of Conduct to Eliminate Unprofessional Behavior

March 25, 2015    

Ideally, association boards would act in the best interest of the community, fairly treating homeowners and ethically conducting business to further the interests of the community. Unfortunately, board members sometimes stray from the mission statement and purpose of the association, using the...

Ensure Continuity of Operations During Management Transition

February 25, 2015    

Inevitably, a community’s on-site manager—an employee of the association—or management company will part ways with the association at some point. If the manager has acted responsibly and fulfilled her duties during her tenure, a transition to new management might be easier than...

Comply with Fiduciary Duty by Improving Board’s Decision-Making Process

January 30, 2015    

While board members have what’s known as a “fiduciary duty” to the association, some members—especially those who are at odds with choices the association has made—mistakenly think that the board should serve their particular interests. That goes squarely against...

Keep Key Principles in Mind When Using Proxies

December 22, 2014    

By Andrea Brescia

Target Key Issues When Amending Governing Documents

November 18, 2014    

Eventually, a community association will face the question of whether to update its governing documents. Laws change, and with that, governing documents are superseded. Should your declaration be changed with every new law? When is the right time to address previously unforeseen quality-of-life...

Make Sure Rooftop Cell Tower Contract Is Airtight

October 29, 2014    

By Andrea Brescia

Cell transmittal towers are popping up all over the country to serve the 91 percent of American adults who now own mobile phones. If your community is in a location where customers have reported a lot of dropped calls, a cell carrier could be interested in...

What Associations Should Know About Medical Marijuana

October 8, 2014    

By Carol Johnson Perkins, Esq.

Across the country, momentum has been building to legalize marijuana—at least for medical use. Though marijuana is still illegal under federal law, more than 20 states have adopted comprehensive medical marijuana laws—and more may soon...