Preempt Disasters by Getting Board Authority Over Equipment in Members' Units

July 10, 2018    

Proper and timely maintenance of every feature in a planned community or condominium is key to keeping things running smoothly. But members will inevitably have a wide range of attitudes toward their own maintenance obligations. On one end of the spectrum will be members who understand that,...

Gather Best Board Members for Association's Operation

June 27, 2018    

There’s always turnover for community association boards. A board member might move, retire, want to travel, or become too busy for some reason to fulfill her responsibilities. When a board member gives up her position, the association has the sometimes difficult task of replacing the...

How to Establish a Waste Reduction & Recycling Program

June 11, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima, Esq.

Get Association Ready for Management Transition

May 15, 2018    

Buying a home in a community association is a serious investment, so many homeowners and members live in their units for an extended period of time. Although it sometimes seems like an on-site association manager is part of the community because she’s on the property continually, this is a...

Use Caution When Considering Leasing Unused Common Space

April 6, 2018    

By Andrea Brescia

With the rise of mixed-use spaces, the convenience—and financial benefit—of having a popular bakery or a national bank locked in for a 10-year, income-generating lease may seem like an attractive option for a common area that’s going largely...

How to Avoid Liability for 'Practice of Law' and Debt Collection

March 15, 2018    

As a community association manager, a large part of your time can be taken up with questions from directors and members that require a response. While you might want to provide as much helpful information as you can, be aware that this area can be fraught with risk for you and your management...

Motivate Member to Pay Delinquent Association Fees

January 12, 2018    

Association fees are an integral part of keeping a planned community or condominium building running smoothly. They’re key to paying bills for routine services and amenities and, in some communities, can contribute to additional bonuses for members, like social events. But when members don...

Take Four Steps to Put End to Member-on-Member Harassment

December 12, 2017    

Living in close proximity in a condo building or sharing amenities year after year in more spread out planned communities can throw together members with different points of view—some of them controversial. The past year has created divisiveness in political conversations and discussions...

Prepare Disaster Plan for Three Events That Could Hit Community Hard

November 13, 2017    

The day-to-day management of a planned community or condominium building can be a heavy workload, filled with tasks that are crucial for keeping the association running smoothly. When you’re busy with the daily duties, however, planning for an event that has only the potential to occur is...

Reevaluate Home Business Ban to Foster Community’s Marketability

October 25, 2017    

Telecommuting has become commonplace in many industries, with workers being encouraged to work from locations other than their company’s office. Small business owners might try to save money initially by finding a solution to running their operation other than leasing commercial space that...

Use Drones to Improve Association Efficiency

October 10, 2017    

It seems as if drones—unmanned aerial vehicles without a human pilot aboard—have been increasingly in the news for their use by the military, commercial businesses, and private recreational users. The use of drones in combat has long been talked about, the retail giant Amazon has...

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