Use Four-Step Strategy to Preserve Contract Termination Rights

January 31, 2019    

Unfortunately, as community association managers know all too well, sometimes the contractors your association hires for such jobs as snow plowing, painting, or providing security don’t perform up to the standards you expect. If you don’t terminate the contract and...

Consider 16 Factors to Avoid Tax Liability for Worker Classification

December 25, 2018    

Like any other business or organization, community associations must file taxes with the government. And tax liability is a huge issue that associations need to be aware of. Improper reporting can land the association in hot water and cost thousands in fines, penalties, and late fees. With the...

Avoid Insider Crimes with Four Safeguards for Employee Hiring Process

November 30, 2018    

Every person who works in your community—from maintenance employees to office staff—will interact with members and potentially have access to sensitive information, including financial documents. When employees are trustworthy, this exposure isn’t an issue. But it’s...

Take Steps to Protect Association from Mold Claims, Lawsuits

October 29, 2018    

Mold in any property can present multiple serious health issues. It has been a controversial issue at residential properties in particular, because it can cause serious health problems and be expensive to remediate. Mold prevention techniques and effective remediation of existing mold should be...

Determine How to Use Association's Unexpected Income

October 11, 2018    

Associations, whether large or small, depend heavily on money to operate. Every aspect of keeping a community safe and running smoothly has a cost associated with it. Too often, associations make the news for negative financial reasons—fraud, bankruptcy, or other shortfalls that disrupt...

How to Handle Disability-Related Requests for Modifications

September 14, 2018    

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990, and the Fair Housing Act (FHA) was amended in 1988 to add protections for individuals with disabilities. But despite the length of time that these laws have been around, there’s still misinformation and confusion about how they...

How to Avoid Court by Using 'Alternative Dispute Resolution'

August 20, 2018    

Inevitably, in any homeowners association or condominium, there will be community-related conflicts. The bad news for associations when a dispute arises is that going to court can be extremely expensive, and the association might end up paying for litigation costs in the end. The good news when...

Preempt Disasters by Getting Board Authority Over Equipment in Members' Units

July 10, 2018    

Proper and timely maintenance of every feature in a planned community or condominium is key to keeping things running smoothly. But members will inevitably have a wide range of attitudes toward their own maintenance obligations. On one end of the spectrum will be members who understand that,...

Gather Best Board Members for Association's Operation

June 27, 2018    

There’s always turnover for community association boards. A board member might move, retire, want to travel, or become too busy for some reason to fulfill her responsibilities. When a board member gives up her position, the association has the sometimes difficult task of replacing the...

How to Establish a Waste Reduction & Recycling Program

June 11, 2018    

By Carolyn Zezima, Esq.

Get Association Ready for Management Transition

May 15, 2018    

Buying a home in a community association is a serious investment, so many homeowners and members live in their units for an extended period of time. Although it sometimes seems like an on-site association manager is part of the community because she’s on the property continually, this is a...

Use Caution When Considering Leasing Unused Common Space

April 6, 2018    

By Andrea Brescia