Cutting Costs

Cutting Costs

Catch Common Overbilling Errors When Using Contractors in Community

October 11, 2018    

With so many things in an association-run community depending on cash flow, one of a manager’s most important duties is to carefully watch costs. But there are so many other aspects of managing a community—such as hiring and training staff, keeping on top of maintenance, and fielding...

Use Member Volunteers to Rein in Community Costs

February 25, 2015    

Despite the improving economy, some communities are still facing increased costs associated with the abandoned and foreclosed homes left in disrepair during the economic downturn. They may be faced with the task of maintaining the still-abandoned properties at their own expense, tracking down...

Conserve Energy This Winter

September 12, 2014    

It’s important year round to take measures to conserve energy in the community and educate members about how they can also help with energy conservation. But it has the added bonus of helping to minimize the typical heating complaints that many managers hear every winter.

Reduce Condo Trash Collection Costs with a Recycling Program

February 26, 2010    

Communities that have successfully engaged members in recycling often find savings in their waste management costs. In San Diego, for example, the average cost of a trash pickup is $21.50 per Dumpster, while it costs only $10.50 to pick up a recycling Dumpster. If a condo community with 10 trash...

Improve Member Safety, Reduce Costs with Proper Outdoor Lighting

June 28, 2009    

In the past, communities have tackled the need for better outdoor lighting by installing high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting sources that essentially blast the grounds with light. Unfortunately, high-intensity lighting typically casts hard shadows, produces an unnatural look, and distorts...

Balance Heat to Conserve Energy, Minimize Complaints

April 28, 2009    

This past winter, you may have received calls from members complaining about inadequate heat in their condo units. Often, these complaints are unfounded or result from easily correctable problems. Provide too much heat, however, and you are just wasting fuel and money. The best bet is to address...

Use Community Volunteers to Boost Spirit and Trim Costs

February 26, 2009    

As the number of foreclosures and communities experiencing budget constraints rises across the country, many associations are taking a close look at how they can manage their community in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Some have been forced to increase assessments and cut back on...