Crime & Security

Take Immediate Action After Serious Crime

July 15, 2012    

How you handle the aftermath of a serious crime when it occurs at your community will determine how safe your members feel in the future, as well as answer questions it might raise, such as whether the association's insurance policy will cover related lawsuits, and the degree to which the...

What to Consider Before Installing Security Cameras in Common Areas

October 30, 2011    

You and your association's board of directors should review and update your community's security measures at regular intervals. One proposal you could consider is installing security cameras in parking lots and common areas on the property. Like any security measures, there are pros and...

Basic Approaches Can Prevent Burglaries

October 30, 2011    

The Alarm Association of Florida recommends six safety and security tips that can help you keep your community crime free:

Tip #1: Avoid having trees or hedges that block doors or windows.

Tip #2: Install motion detector lights for the property's perimeter and...