Dealing with Members

Dealing with Members

How Business Judgment Rule Can Protect Association from Lawsuits

July 10, 2018    

Typically, if decisions made by the board turn out well, members are happy. But if the decisions lead to unforeseen costly expenses to the community, some members might sue, regardless of the board members’ good intentions. That’s why it’s more important than ever that your...

Bring Out the Best from Members Campaigning for Board Seat

August 15, 2017    

The 2016 presidential election involved an unprecedented level of negative campaigning for office, including vitriol and attacks on candidates and their political parties. Campaigns aren’t limited to just political office, though. Association boards are comprised of elected members—...

How to Conduct an Association Membership Survey

June 13, 2017    

Especially in major cities and the surrounding areas, “luxury” buildings seem to be going up left and right. As these properties are developed, you might have to get competitive to keep members from selling their home or condo unit in your community, and to entice new members to buy...

Address Member's Maintenance Problem Immediately

May 8, 2017    

The draw to residential communities for most owners is that there are rules that keep homes looking nice, and when their neighbors neglect their properties, it can not only conflict with the community’s aesthetic, but also cause damage. For example, an unresolved plumbing leak can cause...

Use Social Media to Reach—and Listen to—Your Community

April 13, 2017    

By Andrea Brescia

More and more Americans are getting—and sending—their information through social media in real time: from politics and breaking news to sharing family photos and learning about events. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the favored community...

Keep Grip on Meeting Where You Allow Members to Speak

November 14, 2016    

To encourage member participation in community affairs, many boards permit association members to attend and speak at board meetings, even when the bylaws do not give the members that right. But if a member speaks too long, rambles off topic, or intentionally antagonizes the board or other...

Inform Member that Assessment Payment and Grievances Are Independent Issues

September 14, 2016    

Association members have agreed to abide by governing documents, which provide for payment of assessments that the association relies on to run the condominium building or community. But a member might feel like this gives him leverage when he’s upset. That is, by withholding his monthly...

Minimize Conflicts and Complaints When Adding New Amenity

June 27, 2016    

Amenities have always played a big part in homeowners’ attraction to planned communities and condominiums. After all, being able to enjoy a pool, workout room, or clubhouse without the hassle of personally maintaining it is worth the cost of association fees to many people. Ideally,...

Set Policy for Garage Sale Participation

January 14, 2016    

The trend towards buying vintage items or “upcycling”—that is, using old items for a new purpose—has made garage sales popular again. Garage sales can benefit the association and members in several ways, so consider hosting one. It’s a great way to give members a...

Help Members Avoid Improving Prohibited Areas

December 22, 2015    

Members sometimes build improvements on common areas or limited common areas without first getting the association’s consent, because they mistakenly believe the area belongs to them. This can lead to an unpleasant dispute between a member and the association, especially when the...

Add Amenities that Reflect Members' Interests, Lifestyle Trends

December 22, 2014    

By Andrea Brescia

As times and social tastes change, your board might explore adding amenities to keep your community association current and in line with newer associations. The amenities that were in place when your association was founded might not be completely satisfying to...

Enforce Late Fee Policy Consistently to Avoid Fair Housing Claims

March 14, 2014    

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to charge your members late fees if they don’t pay their common expenses on time (unless you've established an acceleration policy, as discussed in "...