Set Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Community

Set Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Community

Misuse of social media by management staff and members of the community you manage can lead to liability for your company and bad publicity for the association. You don’t have to let social media run amok. A two-step plan can help you use social media in your favor:

  • Establish a social media policy for the workplace. Set reasonable restrictions on the use of social media during the workday while still allowing employees to connect with other management professionals and experts and keep up with industry trends. 
  • Educate members. Remind members about the power of social media and the good it can do for the community—and the repercussions of using it the wrong way.

For more details about putting this plan into place for your employees and members, see “Reduce Risk of Social Media Threats from Employees and Members,” available to subscribers here.


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