Set Up Referral Program for Employee Hiring Process

August 2, 2016
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Hiring and retaining good employees—who are essential to effective management—can be hard. Some unqualified applicants might want the job simply because they need a salary. If you already have conscientious management team members, use them as a resource by implementing an employee referral program that pays them for referring job candidates whom you hire.

Thoughtfully implemented employee referral programs are excellent ways to attract the best people at the lowest recruiting cost. And, your staff members make great recruiters because they’re plugged into a network of people with similar education and interests. They can produce more quality hires than online recruiting resources or job fairs for all types of job seekers. And they’ll make an effort to recruit their peers not only because you’ll pay them a commission to do so, but also out of pride.

For details about how you can put an employee referral program into motion for your association, see “Take Four Steps to Recruit Good Management Employees,” available to subscribers here.