Reduce Risk of Manager ‘Burnout’

Reduce Risk of Manager ‘Burnout’

Technology overload and excessive meetings can quickly lead to community association manager burnout. However, you can ensure a more realistic workload for the managers within your management company if you:

  • Let managers know that they aren’t expected to constantly check their email inboxes or immediately reply to messages (unless there is an emergency that needs to be addressed). Encourage them to set aside specific periods of time each day to handle emails.
  • Cut back on the number of meetings that managers are required to attend—especially meetings that are held after hours when managers would like to be able to head home instead of spending their spare time dealing with association business.  

For more details about curbing burnout among association managers, and for Model Language setting limits on manager involvement that you can adapt for your management contracts, see “Take Two Steps to Ensure Realistic Workload for Managers,” available to subscribers here.


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