Put Members on Notice of Approved Projects

Put Members on Notice of Approved Projects

It’s inevitable that over the years, you’ll have had some issues with association members who have made modifications to their homes without obtaining the necessary approval from the association. And as a result, you may also have been forced to handle concerns from suspicious members making calls to the management office to ask if particular neighbors have been granted approval by the architectural review committee for whatever project the neighbor happens to be working on. To resolve this, put association members on notice of approved projects in the community.

How can you do this? There’s a simple way to put an end to these types of phone calls and encourage members to abide by architectural review committee rules before they start a construction project. Homes where construction has been approved by the association could feature yard signs declaring: “Project Approved, Architectural Control Committee.”

These signs are similar to the signs construction companies place on properties when new windows are being installed or a roof is being replaced. Once members get used to seeing the signs, they will immediately know when they see illegal construction, thus reducing inquiries to the office. A lack of a sign indicates that there is no association approval for the project.

Also, with such a clear indicator of approved projects, there is a strong disincentive for members to try to avoid going through the project approval process. Instead of worrying only about association staff enforcing the review committee guidelines, a violating member will know that the entire community knows of his infraction.

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