Prepare Association for Serious Emergencies

Prepare Association for Serious Emergencies

The day-to-day management of a planned community or condominium building can be a heavy workload, filled with tasks that are crucial for keeping the association running smoothly. When you’re busy with the daily duties, however, planning for an event that has only the potential to occur is easy to put on the back burner. The past year has shown that major disasters—whether they involve epic weather, acts of terror, or violent crimes on a mass scale—can and do befall communities across the country.

Natural disasters are one such emergency that it’s crucial to be prepared for. Residents in the affected community or building are likely to be on their own because the manager and her staff are going through the exact same situation and might be unable to provide any assistance at all. Come up with a disaster preparedness program that emphasizes the fact that individuals are likely to be on their own when a natural emergency arises. Make a list of the key items you’ll need, such as a crank-up radio to hear what authorities are advising citizens to do to move forward safely, and basic things that people need to live, such as clean water and dry foods. The goal is to create a microcosm of the larger community where residents can go to get through the period of time they’re affected.

In addition to pinpointing the general things you need to get through the first few days or weeks of a disaster, getting enough of them is important. Look into the estimated time frames for help to arrive after each of the natural disasters your area is prone to and plan the amount of supplies you need according to that.

For more details about how to craft emergency plans for natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and violent crime, without breaking the bank, see “Prepare Disaster Plan for Three Events That Could Hit Community Hard,” available to subscribers here