Politicians Join Fla. HOA Developer Battle

September 28, 2017
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A pair of state senators expressed their support for residents of a Florida homeowners association at a recent town hall meeting primarily concerned with gaining control of their community. Association homeowners from a community that includes about 27,000 homes are fighting legal battles with the association and with the community’s developer over the number of votes the developer would be able to cast in elections. Meanwhile, the developer sued the association in Circuit Court to get the maximum number of votes for undeveloped tracts. (The disputes center on lots that are not yet platted. The developer is given one vote for every home that could be built, which residents claim the company exaggerates. Homeowners each get one vote.) Residents say that the developer’s ability to cast large blocks of votes resulted in an unfavorable board election for residents.

A lawsuit filed by three homeowners claims that the association violated the 1985 agreement that would have had the developer turn control of the community over to the residents. At issue are several laws that both sides say are controversial and require interpretation.

For their part, the senators plan to continue to fight for residents, scheduling a rally within the next month to publicize the issues.