Owner Sees Red after HOA Insists on Painting Handicap Lift

May 15, 2014
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When a Durham, N.C., association told a homeowner she needed to paint her handicap lift to match the new paint color of her and her neighbors’ porches or face fines, she refused. The owner argued that prior to the repainting of porches in the community, the lift didn’t match the original paint color of her porch, so it shouldn’t be a problem now. The owner told the association that the installer of the lift didn’t recommend repainting over the factory paint because it would interfere with future repairs.

The owner received a notice that charged her with violating the HOA covenants. She appealed to the board, but lost and was told that she had 30 days to paint the lift or she’d be fined $25 a day.

Fearing a lien on her home, the owner worked with a local consumer protection news team and the association’s attorney to come to an agreement. Ultimately, the association said that while it would like for the lift color to match the porch, it understood the concern from the lift manufacturer. The association decided to make an exception so the owner could keep the lift the original color.


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