Organization Is Key to Planning Effective Annual Member Meeting

July 20, 2017
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Managing a condominium building or planned community is undeniably challenging; balancing the needs of members, the board of directors, your own staff, and contractors or third-party vendors can be like a juggling routine. You might feel as though each day you’re interviewing for your own job. A great opportunity to both shine as a manager and execute one of the most important events of the year is the annual member meeting.

There’s value in a well-planned event. An efficient annual member meeting not only encourages future member participation, but also exhibits your and the elected directors’ expertise and leadership skills. The success of this meeting goes a long way toward building trust in board members to protect and faithfully serve the community’s interests. Given the importance of this yearly event, you should already have—or now create—a checklist of meeting preparation steps. If no checklist exists, create one with a list of tasks to get you to the finish line. To fill in the timeline, work backwards from the meeting date to prepare for the meeting.

For a model annual meeting timeline that you can use for your own meeting needs to accomplish necessary tasks, see “Don’t Leave Annual Member Meeting Details for Last Minute," available to subscribers here