To Minimize Slip-and-Fall Liability, Remind Members of Hazardous Winter Conditions

January 31, 2014
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If you're in a part of the country experiencing harsh winter conditions, you may be worried about the possibility of being hit with slip-and-fall lawsuits filed by members or guests. Although it’s inevitable that accidents will occur, the association can try to make the community as safe as possible for members and consequently avoid liability for any slip-and-fall accidents.

In addition to following what your state and local laws say about snow and ice removal and not allowing "unnatural" snow and ice accumulation in the community, it's a good idea to send members a letter alerting them to snow and ice hazards. If you have an association newsletter, you can include it there, either in addition to or in place of a letter to each member.

The letter should say that the association cannot guarantee anyone’s safety in snow and ice and that members must be careful. It should also provide guidelines to follow to avoid injury. You can include additional logistical information, too, such as your association’s parking policy which members must follow to facilitate plowing. To view our model letter, click here.