Interview Tips to Make Better Hiring Decisions

Interview Tips to Make Better Hiring Decisions

No matter what industry you work in, finding and hiring good employees is difficult. While the economy has recovered, there are still many jobseekers who apply for jobs that they are unqualified for, just because they need employment. And a candidate who seemed like a good choice for your community might end up not having the experience or attitude that’s necessary to help manage an association.

Whether you’re interviewing potential managers or just day-to-day staff, conducting good interviews and then comparing and contrasting the applicants based on criteria important to your community or management company is the key to successful hiring. But by the time you complete the interview process, you may not remember enough details of the applicants’ responses to make the best decision.

So to ensure that you get all the information needed to evaluate applicants and make good hiring decisions, prepare a list of key criteria on which to rate applicants. And include that list in a form that you can use to guide your questioning during the interview and to promptly record your comments after the interview.

Here are two points the interview form should include:

Industry training. Applicants’ resumes will show their formal education, but may not indicate whether they have the industry training required. So interviewers should ask about it.

Growth potential. Have interviewers evaluate whether applicants have growth potential or are interested in a position with growth potential. Try to learn whether this job is something important for the applicant or simply another step in his career path.

For more important points to cover and a model form that includes them to help you effectively evaluate applicants, see “Rate Employment Applicants on Key Criteria Before Hiring,” available to subscribers here.