Inform Members about Summer-Specific Safety Concerns

March 17, 2016
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Springtime is a great time to get ready for a busy summer at the community you manage. Many members invite guests into the community and host seasonal parties or activities. There may even be association-sponsored summer fun. But it’s important during this time to keep the community operating smoothly by avoiding accidents and liability for the association during the months where there is extra usage of amenities.

It’s crucial to avoid risks and association liability by making sure that summer safety rules adequately address risks, and members comply with them. Set expectations by passing and enforcing rules barring dangerous behavior in three high-risk areas:

  • Sports courts and the swimming pool
  • Common areas
  • Rooftops

Make sure to say in the rules that all members, residents, and their guests using sports courts or the pool do so “at their own risk,” and that neither the association nor its manager shall be responsible for injuries or accidents. And specify that if a member violates any of these rules, the association and/or manager reserve(s) the right to bar them from using these amenities.

For tips on how to enforce rules fairly and effectively and Model Language you can adapt when drafting your summer safety rules, see “Remind Members of Summer Safety Rules,” available to subscribers here