Hold Leadership Training Sessions When Specific Events Arise

January 22, 2016
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Although members on an association’s board of directors are volunteers, their roles in the operation of the community are important. Mistakes by board members can lead to liability for the association. But sometimes, especially if they are roped into serving on the board, members don’t understand the functions of their positions and the best way to carry out their responsibilities. Use a two-step leadership training strategy to make training stick with members and get them to apply it when appropriate.

First, make sure that a general training session includes a detailed description of what each board member is responsible for in her role, and what she is not responsible for. This can prevent overreaching by a board member.

Second, be prepared to hold targeted, mini-sessions as events that require decision making arise. Targeting the training towards specific events jogs members’ memory of how to handle them and could provide new and useful information. For more details on periodic board training, see “Use Targeted Sessions for Board Leadership Training,” available to subscribers here.