HOA Tells Phoenix Owners to Assume Nothing

March 14, 2014
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A couple of homeowners in a Phoenix planned community feel they’ve been painted into a corner by their homeowner’s association. The couple was informed after repainting their home the same color it had been for 10 years, that painting—even if it’s not a new color scheme—requires a special application to the association to be made two weeks before the project.

Failing to get the HOA’s approval could end up costing the owners, who said they were unaware of the permit requirement, thousands of dollars if they’re required to repaint the home a different color, despite the fact that they say it’s a desert-theme color that blends in with other homes in the neighborhood.

The HOA said that the rules are in place for a reason and that members are expected to follow them. It also said that just because the paint color the homeowners used was the same, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically approved. Homeowners should read the rules very carefully and assume nothing. The association added that paint colors can be trends, and the fact that something was approved 10 years ago doesn’t it mean it would be approved today.


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