Follow Four Summer Heat Protection Fundamentals

Follow Four Summer Heat Protection Fundamentals

Spring is here, but it’s not too early to plan ahead for beating the heat if the community you manage experiences hot weather during the summer months. Keeping units and common areas cool during scorching summer months is especially important in certain types of communities—for example, communities whose residents are over a certain age and whose health conditions can be aggravated by excessive heat. Maintaining your air conditioning systems can help you avoid member complaints and also liability for heat-related emergencies, and save energy and money for the association. 

Be certain that your community's central air conditioning system or members' individual units are ready to go before the temperatures peak. Here are four summer heat protection fundamentals:

  • Make sure to arrange regular inspections of central A/C systems. (Spring is a good time to do your inspections.);
  • Inspect the outdoor and indoor portions of members' individual condensing units, if you're responsible for maintaining them;
  • Be sure your staff is well trained and follows safety procedures; and
  • Hire an outside service company to do the yearly maintenance on cooling systems that require professional expertise. It’s important to use an HVAC expert if no one on your staff has advanced training in servicing a specific type of equipment.

For more information on air conditioner maintenance and an air conditioning inspection checklist, see “Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning System Inspections,” in the July 2011 Insider, and available at


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